SoTeC (Southland Technology Conference and Vendor Showcase) is the conference put on by IT Professionals for IT Professionals! We are a coalition of project management, software quality assurance, and IT professional organizations working together to create a forum of interest to all IT professionals at all points of the systems development life cycle, from project conception through development, testing and into project closeout.

This year’s theme, Capturing the Summit – Expanding Knowledge – Achieving Goals

Achieving career goals requires constantly striving to
expand abilities, knowledge, and interpersonal
relationships. This year’s Southland Technology
Conference can provide you with those opportunities.
With a wonderful slate of knowledgeable speakers
and the opportunity to interact with other IT
management professionals, you will have the chance
to gain new skills and information, exchange
thoughts and experiences, make new contacts to
help you expand your career opportunities, and
improve your ability to respond effectively to the
daily challenges in your job. Join us for two days that can help you capture the summit of your aspirations! Earn up to 6 PDU’s or 8 CEU’s per day.

A leading automotive manufacturer’s new business initiative involves a fundamental change in thinking about things such as building an automobile with 50% fewer parts. In projects, what if we could get requirements right the first time, do processes in much fewer steps, and reduce software defects by 50%?
Disruptive technologies – every so often, technological innovation, product, or service that quickly overturns the existing dominant technology or product in the market. Examples: Internet, iPods, cell phones, PCs, wireless, digital. What’s next?

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